Privacy Policy

cobra and bellamy jewellery will protect your privacy & security. We will not disclose your details to any third party.Any information we obtain will be used in compliance with all data protection rules.

Accounts & Passwords

Your account with cobra and bellamy contains your billing and delivery details, your email address and a record of your order. No other details are stored or used. Everything passes through our secure on line payment systems & we have no

access to credit card numbers. You will need your email & password to see or edit your personal details.


Internet fraud & use of stolen credit cards are a problem. If you receive a message on completion of your online payment, asking you to email us, it may require confirmation of certain information which only the card owner could know. This system is there to protect you from someone trying to use a cloned credit card and cobra and bellamy from fraudulent buyers. Please call if you are unsure about anything related to your order or on line payment or email us at


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