About Cobra and Bellamy

Cobra and Bellamy launched in London's Sloane Street in 1980 with an eclectic collection of in-house designed jewellery and a collection of Antique and Vintage pieces. Opening a large and successful concession in Liberty and participating in their Exhibition of Arts and Crafts with jewellery featured in The Financial Time's" How to Spend It " section bY Lucia van der Post.

The exhibition "Jewels of Fantasy" at the Victoria and Albert museum, launching Vivienne Becker's book on 20th Century costume jewellery, featured many pieces from Cobra and Bellamy's collection.

"Forever Amber" an exhibition mounted after a trip to The Dominican Republic sourcing amber with insect inclusions was described by Suzy Menkes in the New York Herald Tribune as "Molten sunshine".

A strong collection of the defining silver jewellery was made for the Joseph stores in London

After the closure of the Sloane Street shop Cobra and Bellamy continued with online stores, one with the Cobra and Bellamy watches, the other, Cobra and Bellamy Jewellery site by renowned jewellery designer and owner Tania Hunter. 

A fruitful relationship with Priscilla Carluccio's beautiful store "Few and Far" until it's untimely closure.

The Conran Shops commissioned a collection of linear and clean cut designs, using my signature abstract cut gem stones, for their stores in London and Paris.

I source my hand-cut gem stones from Germany and Brazil where the precision cutting is fabulous and works beautifully on the fine gold chains I use. The ever flattering pearls come as simple but modern earrings and on fine chains as pendants, long or short.